By using our service we will save you the cost associated with hiring employees, training, supervision, office space and purchasing expensive equipment, payroll taxes, employee salaries, workman’s compensation, PTO and a pregnancy leave of absence or deal with crashed equipment.

We work with you and your staff as closely as an in-house biller to do things correctly the first time to obtain the highest reimbursement possible in the shortest period of time. Let us take care of all of your billing and show you how simple and easy your cash flow will be and offer many options to tailor to your own practice needs.
Medicare/Medicaid Electronically, Electronic to 1900 other Payers, Workers Comp, Personal Injury, Cash Payments, HMO, PPO, POS
Training: We work together with your staff to ensure that correct information is entered. We work with you and your staff as closely as an in-house biller to do things correctly the first time to obtain the highest reimbursement possible in the shortest period of time.
Billing: Once we obtain information we enter into our database and audit it for accuracy. Bill electronically/paper.We excel in accurately coding and billing for office visits, consultations, professional fees for surgical procedures, technical components, professional and facility fees for hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, anesthesiology, hospital visits, an din-office minor and major procedures. We keep current with insurance specifications and regulations and ensure the fees are kept at the maximum allowable reimbursement. We also focus on procedure codes so claims are not suspended or rejected.
We process Secondary Carrier claims upon receipt of the primary carrier EOB making sure that you receive the maximum amount covered by the Insurance Companies and minimizing out-of-pocket expenses to your patients.
Post Payments/ Adjustments: Each EOB will be audited for correct payment and/or benefits. Each EOB is carefully analyzed and appropriate credits entered for the proper claim. If necessary immediate steps are taken in order to process unpaid or reduced claims and make sure that you receive every penny that you are entitled to.


Statements: We audit for accuracy before we send them to patients on a monthly basis. Clear, concise and informative patient statements to minimize number of calls from patients needing clarification of their bills - fully customizable (summary or detailed format). Patient collection letters.
Collections: We run reports to identify denials or difficult payers and follow-up with calls and appeals. Feature:
  • Instant access to accurate aging to know who is really delinquent
  • Collection calls
  • Follow-up and document
  • Appeal insurance carriers on delayed or denied claims
  • Medicare/Medicaid Credit balances - run report to catch monthly government credits
  • Refunds
Reports: Monthly and customized to the need of the provider
  • Delinquent reports
  • Summaries by: provider, department location
  • Patient / Insurance accounts receivable & aging
  • Payment report (by charges or payments)
  • Procedure report / Diagnosis report
  • Monthly / Yearly journals
  • Patient referrals / Referring doctors
  • Custom Report Generator: allows you to extract any information you need from the database
Checks: Sent directly to you. Our goal is to help you get started or to help you improve your existing practice. Remember, if you don't get paid, we don't get paid. It is to our mutual benefit to collect the full reimbursement for services rendered.
  • You Will Increase Your Cash Flow
  • Practice Analysis and Consulting Services As an Integral Component of Our Services
  • Save the High Cost of Equipment and Software
  • Rapidly Changing Technology Translates Into Extra Expenses to Keep Updated
  • Reduce Staff Size and Employees Expenses
  • Eliminate Sick Pay, Vacation Pay, Insurance Benefits, Workers’ Compensation, etc.
  • Eliminate Costly and Unproductive Training Periods
  • Reduce Call Volume
  • Your Staff Can Focus on Patient Care Instead of Phone Calls and Paperwork
  • Reduction of Non-Productive Time. Your staff Will be Free to do the Things that Make Money!
  • No Cash-Flow Interruptions due to Staff Turnover
  • Reduce costs: Postage, Supplies, Forms, Computers, Software, etc.
  • Increase your office space by not having to have a “non-medical” business office
  • Reduce Records Storage
  • Get Detailed Reports
  • The Hidden Cost of “Lost” Claims Because Someone Simply Didn’t Know The Next Step to Take.
  • Eliminate Provider/Patient Payment Discussion





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